Drop off / Pick up

How to drop off your items

  1. Schedule your appointment using our on-line scheduler. Once your date is set here is what to expect.
  2. Each item will be inspected for quality
  3. Accepted items will be checked in to inventory
  4. After check in you’ll be assigned a helper to assist you in placing your items on the sales floor
  • If you are bringing large items, please bring someone with you, we’ll have a cart on hand to help get them inside.
  • Our seller’s software will be tracking your sales throughout the sale dates so that you are able to log in and see your selling progress, and the money that you are making.
Schedule a Drop Off Time


Picking up Unsold Items

  • Designated pickup times will be given to you when you drop off.  Anything unsold must be picked up during these times, and if they are not, they will be donated.
  • Visit the cashier station to receive a print out of your unsold items
  • We will have volunteers available to help you gather your items.

Note: We do not hold your items between sales. You are solely responsible for your items upon the sales conclusion.