New Consignors

Why become a consignor?

  • No more sitting behind a table all day, setting up your items, negotiating with garage-salers, or remembering to get enough change and shopping bags.
  • You set the prices for your items and determine if you are willing to take a lower price.
  • Your items will be sold in an appealing retail environment that make it a breeze for shoppers to navigate, and in turn, purchase your items.
  • Take time preparing your items; all of this is done on your own time, from your home. Print your tags with our user-friendly software, hang your items, drop them off, and receive a check within weeks.
  • The Savvy Sales are well advertised and attract a crowd of avid bargain hunters.
  • Admission to the VIP pre-sale the day before the public sale
  • Volunteer your time to help during the sale to get even more benefits
New Consignor Registration

What to sell

  • Current children’s fashions from newborn to Junior
  • Current maternity fashions
  • Cribs, mattresses, toddler beds, strollers, high chairs, exersaucers, etc.
  • Electronic toys  with batteries
  • Children’s bedding (crib through pre teen)
  • Children’s books, DVDs, CDS, and video games
  • Dress up clothing, Halloween costumes, Boys and Girls Scout uniforms, dance/leotards, dance shoes.
  • Sports shoes, shin guards, etc.
  • Shoes and boots
  • Toys and dolls (no stuffed animals)
  • Diaper bags, totes, backpacks etc

The goal is to create one incredible shopping experience at Savvy Kids Consignment Sale.

How Do I Register to Consign?

  1. Click on the New Consignor Registration link
  2. Enter your contact information
  3. Click the Submit button
  4. Watch the How to Enter Your Items for Consignment tutorial
  5. That’s it! Now you’re ready to consign!
New Consignor Registration

How Do I Price My Items?

You set the price for your items. A good rule of thumb is to sell clothing 25-30% percent of the original retail price. For example, a Baby Gap shirt that retailed for $15.00 that is current and in great condition should be priced around 3-$4.00.

Larger items (Cribs, Strollers, High Chairs) should be priced between 35-50% of the original retail price.

Visit our Pricing Guideline for brand specific pricing help

Pricing Guideline

How much will you earn consigning?

  • The sky is the limit on how much money you can generate. Making sure your items are fresh, clean, and current are key.
  • You will earn 70% of your total sales less a $10 consignor fee. Earn 75% if you volunteer for one shift. Volunteer twice and the consignor fee is waived.