Preparing and Tagging


  1. Check our Product Recall page to see if any items have been recalled.
  2. Clothing should be freshly laundered.
  3. Iron your items, zip zippers, button the buttons, etc.
  4. Combine any sets or two-piece outfits with safety pins. Sets sell better!
  5. Secure shoes together with zip ties or curling ribbon to keep them together.
  6. Clean your larger items thoroughly with dish soap and warm water.
  7. Batteries are required on any item that take them.
  8. If you have manuals, please include them.


  1. All clothing needs to be on hangers. Wire hangers are best because of the ease of attaching safety pins to them. Refer to the example photos for best practices to securing tags and how to hang items.
  2. Use gallon size Ziploc bags for sets of onesies or tees.
  3. Describe the items with great detail on the tag with brand, size, number of pieces, color, and description, etc.
  4. Bundle books together if you have related sets/series. Wrap them in plastic wrap and secure with clear packing tape. Place the tag on the front with clear packing tape so it stays put.  This also works well for puzzles!
  5. Ziploc bags are wonderful for anything that has several pieces such as toy sets, bottles, sets of socks, etc.
  6. Do not tape over the bar codes, or they may not scan at checkout.
  7. Please use plain white cardstock for printing your tags. Regular paper tears easily and could fall off your item (meaning we cannot track your item)

We check each item at drop off, so make sure your items are in great shape before you leave the house.

Cleaner, well packaged items sell better. The more pleasing your items are to shoppers, the more profit for you!


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