What to sell

Now that you are a registered consignor, a few details to help you on your way to getting items sold and making money!

What to sell

  • Current children’s fashions from newborn to Size 16, that are clean, pressed, and free of stains. Shirts and dresses must be on hangers, and pants must be on hangers and secured with safety pins. Onesies, bundles of tee shirts, etc may be placed in ziploc bags with the label places in the lower right hand corner.  All items will be checked carefully, and anything that is outdated will not be placed on the sales floor.
  • Current Maternity fashions in excellent condition
  • Cribs, mattresses, toddler beds, strollers, high chairs, exersaucers, etc. that are CLEAN, current, and in excellent condition. If you have the manuals, that is a plus. Car seats must be under three years old.
  • Electronic toys must have batteries so the shoppers can verify that they work; these also need to be current, clean and kid-friendly.
  • Children’s bedding (crib through pre teen) that is CLEAN, current, and in a large plastic see through garbage bag. We will carefully inspect every piece.
  • Children’s books, DVDs, CDS, and video games
  • Dress up clothing, Halloween costumes, Boys and Girls Scout uniforms, dance/leotards, dance shoes.
  • Sports shoes, shin guards, etc. that are in great condition.
  • Shoes and boots that are in like-new condition
  • Toys and dolls (no stuffed animals) that are CLEAN and like new
  • Diaper bags, totes, backpacks etc, that are like-new and current

The goal is to make all items available at a Savvy Kids Consignment Sale pleasing to the customer and help make you cash!

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