Letting Go of Clutter to Purge!

Is your house bursting at the seams with your kid’s clothes, toys, and general gear?  Believe me, I know the feeling.  Here are some  tips to make the listing and tagging process simple and to get the most money out of your items.

Start now!  The winter months do fly by, and it is the perfect time to hunker down and gather your items.  Sort by size, launder, and list and hang.imagesCAO8HTUE

Let go of that emotional attachment to your items.  This can lead to overpriced items that will not sell.  I know that you loved that outfit that your child wore on the first day of school, but that doesn’t mean it is worth the full retail price.  Be realistic and ask yourself what you would pay for the item.

Examine your items closely for stains and flaws.  Bright sunlight is best and often shows stains that you otherwise would not have seen.  Don’t try to hide anything with the tag.  Buyers will not be pleased when they get home.

Make your own sets!  Do you have random legos, doll feeding sets, washclothes, books, etc.?  Often buyers look for these things to add to their existing sets.  Gather them in ziplocs and sell in a set.

Think outside the box.  The Savvy Sale encourages you to sell anything “kid related”.  Think bikes, drum sets, diaper bags, sports clothing and equipment, shoes, room decor, furniture, backpacks and the like.

Go the extra mile.  Take the time to run an iron over the wrinkles, wipe the mud off of the soccer cleats, and wash the Little Tykes toybox that you are selling.  Presentation is key, and buyers are looking for the best.  Make sure your items are just that.  Your very best!

Happy listing and prepping!  We are Three months away!