Getting Ready for the Spring Sale, Part 2

Six weeks to go!  The continuing saga of my journey in preparing for the Spring Savvy Sale.

Helping Moms since 2012For the most part, I have tackled the inventory that I have in the basement.  I will do a second sweep next week to be sure that I have all of my good stuff listed.  As soon as this Michigan weather consistently stays above 40 degrees, I will begin to tackle (gulp) the garage.  After the Fall sale, my husband painstakingly organized the bins, inventory, etc. so I am hoping that my journey in the garage will be easier than the basement was.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I am searching my main floor and basement for a toy that periodically will start beeping or playing a tPrepping for a Kids Consignment  Saleune.  You would think this would be easy to find.  That is not the case.  At first I thought my ears were ringing.  Our pets are currently in hiding.

In between listing my own inventory, I am also finishing up a tagging client’s very large haul of goods.  If you want to learn more about being a tagging client click here:

Look for Part 3 next week!  That’s where I plan to invite bribe my friend’s and their preteens over for food and fun tagging/hanging!

Happy listing my friends!




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  2. @[646039489:2048:Diane], you and the girls are so good at hanging and tagging!