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What’s Hot?

What do you have lurking in your house that are sure to be hot items at the fall Savvy sale?  Here’s some items that are sure to bring in cash for you at the sale.

  • Halloween costumes!  The timing couldn’t be better, with Halloween about a month after the sale.
  • Quality school uniform pieces!  School will have been in session for a couple of weeks, and that is when moms really assess the needs of their kids school clothes.  Land’s End is a wonderful brand to include.  Don’t forget excellent condition lunch bags and backpacks!
  • Christmas dresses/suits!  Yes, we moms think ahead, and if we see something we like, we will buy ahead.
  • Winter coats, boots, and snow pants!  Yep, we live in Michigan.  It’s coming.
  • Toys, such as Legos, American Girl gear, books, and current Dvds! Mom’s are sure to be looking ahead to Christmas, so get your kid’s unused toys together.

What’s on your hot list?  Be sure to add them to this post so that we can share our ideas.

Jennifer Strawter

Lover of God, my family, and mac and cheese. Expert pet-name giver, friend, I adore shoes (heels are my friend) and trying new recipes and beauty products. I am not enjoying how it takes twice as long to see results from a diet or a workout program, and how often I have to color my hair.