10 Tips for Shopping Consignment Sales

We’re all looking for a deal. Especially during back to school season after family vacations and back to schools lists have had a go at your wallet.

If your kids are anything like ours they probably hit a growth spurt over the summer months; too long pants suddenly became capris.

Before you hit the mall consider shopping consignment sales. Like a Mom2Mom sale a consignment sale offers gently worn clothing, shoes, and toys at 50-90% off retail prices.

Shopping consignment sales is slightly different than a traditional Mom2Mom. Here are 10 tips for shopping consignment sales to help you make the most of your shopping experience.

  1. Get in line early – That old early bird cliche is still relevant.
  2. Bring a large tote – You’ll thank us for this later. Your finds can get heavy.
  3. Have a list of kids sizes – With items organized by size you’ll save time shopping
  4. Leave the kids at home – It makes for a faster shopping experience but of course kids are always welcome.
  5. Look for boutique brands – Lots of high end clothing to be found. You may have to search for it. Some sales have a boutique section. 
  6. Bring a shopping buddy – Isn’t shopping always more fun with a friend?
  7. Skip the bank ATM – Feel free to swing by the bank. Just know you don’t need to. Consignment sales accept Cash and Credit/Debit Cards. Finding one that takes checks is like searching for a unicorn.
  8. Think ahead to the holidays – They only wear it once. Why pay full price? Look for halloween costumes, holiday dresses and suits. Many consignment sales have a section.
  9. Expect a line at peak hours – Morning, Lunch, After Dinner crowd. With sales being open for 12 hours there are plenty of chances to shop with less of a crowd.
  10. Double your buying power – Consignment sales have Half OFF or 50% off on the last day of the sale to move inventory. Careful though. Since consignors price their items not everything will be 50% off. Each sale is different but check the tags for a marker.

For the veteran consignment sale / Mom2Mom shoppers, what advice would you add to the list?



  1. Karen Dow says:

    Credit cards! So excited!