How to Make Money Selling at a Consignment Sale

How to make Big Bucks at a Consignment Sale

Consignment sales are a great way to sell your children’s outgrown items. With just a bit of extra effort, here are some simple ways to sell more of your items while increasing the cash in your wallet.

1.  Presentation is everything! Your items are competing with thousands of others, so make sure your items are clean, buttoned, pressed, and presented in the best way possible.

2.  Make sure toys, games, and puzzles have all of their pieces and are securely attached to the item they belong too. These items should be clean and in working order (including batteries).

3.  Clean large items with soap and water to make them look their best! Pay attention to details such as inflating tires on strollers and bikes, cleaning straps on high chairs and seats, and using “magic erasers” to remove stickers and scuffs.

4.  Don’t overprice! Shoppers are looking for quality items coupled with great deals. Refer to our consignment pricing suggestion guide for more help:

overpriced consignment sale items

5.  Have your items go half-off on the last day of the sale. This is the day many shoppers really load up on merchandise, and full-price items are usually left unsold.

6.  Check with dry-cleaners for free hangers all year long, many of them will have recycled ones give out. You can also go in with another consignor on cardstock and safety pins in bulk, saving you big on your consignment supplies.

We’re always here to answer questions you may have about getting started with consignment sales. Shoot us an email to jennifer [at] anytime.

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