Tipsy Tuesday! Mommy School Supplies….

Safety Pins, Freezers Bags, Curling Ribbon

Ok, so it almost that time of year.  Back to School lists.  Yes, I know it is technically still Summer , but we moms know just how quickly it sneaks up on us.

Pencils, red folders, notebooks, and paper towel rolls.  Yes, it’s the school supply list!  While you are out shopping for your kid’s supplies, why not make sure that you purchase your own “Consignment Sale” supplies at the same time to save an additional shopping trip.

Remember what you need!

  • Plain white card stock to print your tags
  • Safety pins to secure your items to your hangers
  • Clear packing tape to secure tickets to large items and to seal bags
  • Ziplocs bags in various sizes for shoes, bows, socks, onesies and almost anything else
  • Curling ribbon to secure sets of books or tee shirts
  • Scissors (if yours are rusty)
  • Bins to store your items

And guess what?  You can find these items at the same stores you will be shopping at for your kiddo’s school supplies.  Make it easy on yourself and prepare to make some money and clean out those closets!