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Are your children’s Christmas toys long forgotten? Are the closets bursting at the seams? Consider selling your gently used items at the Spring Savvy Kids Consignment Sale. The Savvy Sale’s are a different approach to Mom to Mom sales. No sitting at a table haggling over prices; you prepare your items easily at home using our online software system and wait for your check! We spoke with Kelly, one of our consistent top-selling consignors, about the strategies she uses to maximize her selling experience.

“I am currently a stay at home mom. I am always looking for ways to save money and to continue being a stay at home mom. Participating in the Savvy Kids Consignment sale is one of the ways I am able to stay home with my 3 children. Not only do I buy clothing for my kids at the sale, I also sell. Last Spring sale, I was able to buy all of my son’s summer clothing for $50! Two weeks after the sale, I received a check for $753!! I take very good care of my childrens clothing. I prepare for the sale early and I keep everything hanging to prevent wrinkles. PRESENTATION is everything!! I dont like to iron, but neither do buyers! In the end though, it is worth $5 to me to run an iron over a polo shirt! Scrub those toys, button buttons, triple check for stains. My best advice to a new seller, is to price clothing to sell. What may be sentimental to you is not to the buyer. I list the majority of my items from $2-$5. I also mark EVERYTHING to go ½ price on Saturday. I know that many people wait to shop on this day, and my goal is to not have to take anything back home.”

If you are going to take the time to list your items why not do it well? The rewards are worth the extra time. Join Kelly as a top-seller and declutter your home in the process. Her simple approaches to consigning can help you cash in at the Spring Savvy Kids Sale!

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